Creating quality content is hard enough. Searching through old episodes shouldn't be a YouTuber Time Vampire.

Do you have an extra 8 hours to make that montage that would take your next video to the next level of production?

Or the hour to find that video you did years ago that you mentioned the exact answer to a question a viewer and paying customer is asking you about?

Didn't think so. We've all got so many different things that we're trying to handle in our businesses that finding any amount of time to accomplish an optional task is nearly impossible.

That is until now with the introduction of the first video speech search engine: When Was That Said.

Does not need access to YouTube Creator Studio

The When Was That Said video speech search engine has the ability to extract data from videos with closed captions provided by the creator,
an outsourced service, the community or even YouTube's autogenerated captions. No account credentials are required for the indexing process.

Simply provide the channel URL and we'll pull in new episodes and their corresponding voice data and add those to the result pool for that channel.

Find an exact clip or video

If you've been in the content creation business for any length of time, you have more content than even you as the creator can remember exactly what's in each video and when. If you can't, your audience doesn't stand a chance. They know you spoke about the topic but finding it is nearly impossible.

When Was That Said allows them to perform a search without contacting you through Twitter, a YouTube comment or your team's inboxes to get them exactly the content they wanted to watch.

Generate topical playlists based on search results

In the process of serving up search results, When Was That Said's video speech search engine notes all the distinct episodes that contain the search term. With that data in hand, creating a topical playlist is a breeze. Playlists are hard to maintain and update regularly but YouTube values it.

Generate social media clips at lightning speed

Having served video editing teams (including Gary Vaynerchuk's Team Gary) and solo editors around their content promotion efforts, When Was That Said was built with saving you time in mind.

You can find a clip from inside an existing video by searching for the content in it. The links will take you to three seconds before the caption containing the searched term shows on-screen in the captions.

This is perfect to generate a Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram post.
Leveraging closed captions already posted on your YouTube videos, regardless if they're by a professional captioning company, your community, yourself or the automatic transcription, When Was That Said now has text and paired time codes to leverage to return meaningful data to your own requests, the requests of your team and provide the clips and videos that your audience is looking for.
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